A time-tested design, the Light Fantastic provides the durability, flexibility, and light output you need in a dental operatory light. With the quality, price, and performance of the Light Fantastic II and II-5k, you will feel confident that Pelton & Crane is the right choice for your dental lighting needs.

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Remote ActivationRemote Activation

Enjoy convenient remote activation on the dental unit touch-pad of the LFII or LFII-5k light functions when used in conjunction with a Pelton & Crane Spirit 3000 and 1800 dental chairs.

Vertical ReflectorVertical Reflector

The vertical design of the light reflector creates a light beam narrow enough at its source to allow staff to move in close without obstruction, yet maintain a horizontal light pattern focused on the oral cavity for optimum visibility.

Triple Axis PositioningTriple Axis Positioning

The light that has been the industry standard for over thirty years offers a third axis of rotation for unlimited positioning (except on unit/chair mounted model).The feature allows you to operate in a precisely illuminated environment at all times.

Metal HandlesMetal Handles

The metal handles provide durability and performance with a solid ergonomic grip. With flat, seamless surfaces, the light easily accept barriers for simple infection control.

Various MountsVarious Mounts

To complement the design of your operatory, the LFII and LFII-5k are available in single or dual track mount, single or dual ceiling mount, chair mount (ellipse or PMU), cabinet mount and wall mount versions.

Mounting Options

  • Single Track Mount- Also available in dual mount track
  • Single Ceiling Column Mount- Also available in dual ceiling mount
  • Wall Mount
  • Cabinet Mount
  • System Light with Curved Post
  • Unit/Chair Mount

Product Photos

  • Dental Lights Fantastic - Remote Activation
  • Dental Lights Fantastic - Vertical Reflector
  • Dental Lights Fantastic - Triple Axis Positioning
  • Dental Lights Fantastic - Metal Handles
  • Dental Lights Fantastic - Various Mounts

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