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Driven To Excellence is a 2 day course featuring Dr. Mark Tholen DDS, MBA, the author of the best selling dental office design book, “A Guide to Designing the Elegant Dental or Medical Office… The Largest Marketing Tool of Your Career.” Dr. Tholen is also the former CEO of one of the country’s leading dental office design firms and brings the experience of thousands of dental office designs. At DTE you will gain the knowledge and confidence to build the practice of your dreams. Participate in interactive floor-planning workshops and use financial calculators to bring your dream office within reach!


What does your current practice say about you to your patients? Your office is your strongest marketing tool and the impression it gives your patients directly correlates to your perceived quality of dentistry. At Pelton & Crane, we understand that deciding to move forward with a new office design project can be nerve-wracking, and that it is a decision that most dental professionals make only once or twice in their careers. Fortunately, taking the first step toward realizing your dream office has never been easier and more rewarding thanks to Pelton & Crane, who has partnered with select dental dealers to bring you Driven to Excellence and inView™.

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Pelton & Crane is excited to bring our Driven to Excellence program to a dealer location near you! Having brought thousands of dental professionals to our locations in Charlotte, NC and Portland, OR. Pelton & Crane is excited to be launching our DTE Mobile program with the support of our dealer partners.

This full-day event promises to be engaging and informative. Dr. Mark Tholen will break down the office design process while teaching techniques to increase office efficiency. Throughout the day you will gain insight and understanding on the office design process. You will also participate in an interactive sessions and use financial calculators to understand the impact of your improvements.

• Learn time saving techniques
• Understand the impact of ergonomics
• Improve office workflow

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