International Advantage Dental Units

Spirit 1800 Chairs

The Spirit 1800 provides essential features to enable patient comfort and oral cavity access. Get the functionality you need at a budget friendly price point. With standard features such as a dual articulating headrest, swivel lock, wide toe board and narrow backrest, the Spirit 1800 dental chair provides you with the core advantages of an attractive, durable and functional patient chair from a brand you trust.

Spirit 1500 Delivery Units

Pelton & Crane’s Spirit 1500 delivery system will serve as your platform to perform efficient dentistry at a budget-friendly price. From the push-button pneumatic air brake, to the durable all-metal control head, you can feel the quality in every element of the Spirit 1500. With standard features such as the self-contained water system with city water / bottled water selector, non-retracting water coolant adjustments, and four instrument positions (optional fifth), the Spirit 1500 delivery system provides the functionality, reliability and efficiency you need.

Helios 1800 LED Operatory Light

Factory calibrated at 27” (the average length of the human arm), a precise 3” x 6” rectangular light pattern is produced. Forget adjusting the light due to the hot spots and color washing common with halogen lights – uniform intensity throughout the Helios’ LED light pattern means illumination where you need it: throughout the oral cavity. Reflective technology lets you work around your patient instead of your light. Since the light source is reflecting from the continuous curve of the reflector, the operating field is illuminated from all angles. No matter where your hand or instrument is, the field is being illuminated and shadows are minimized.


Form-fitted seat foam combined with a wide toeboard means the 1800 chair maintains patient support and comfort during all procedures.

Quick-Release HeadrestQuick-Release Headrest

The quick-release, dual articulating headrest enables you to position each patient for optimal access to the oral cavity. A squeeze mechanism allows for fast and easy positioning during any exam. An optional flat headrest with magnetic pillow is also available.

Swivel LockSwivel Lock

A tension released swivel lock allows for quick patient rotation. Adjust the patient 30° in either direction for positioning flexibility during any procedure.


Optional Ergosoothe™ massage technology will provide your patients with a dental experience they will never forget, encouraging customer satisfaction and referrals.

Control HeadControl Head

Durable die-cast metal control head. Equipment utility center with asepsis housing.

Doctor's InstrumentationDoctor's Instrumentation

4 positions accommodate 3 handpieces and 1 syringe. Optional 5th position holder available.

Water SystemWater System

Self-contained water system with city/bottled water selector. Individual non-retracting water coolant adjustments.

Configuration ChoicesConfiguration Choices

4The Spirit 1505 dental delivery system includes PMU, cuspidor and cuspidor-mounted assistant’s instrumentation. Spirit 1510 includes PMU and assistant’s instrumentation with telescoping arm. Assistant instrumentation comes standard with Quick Clean syringe, autoclavable HVE, and saliva ejector. PMU supports addition of ancillary equipment (light, monitor). Spirit 1585’s Ellipse Mount facilitates easy left/right conversion.

Reflective TechnologyReflective Technology

Work around your patient, not your light. Staff and instruments can be positioned where they need to be, as the reflected light of Helios 1800 minimizes shadowing. An extended depth of field provides flexibility to bring the light as close to or as far from the oral cavity as necessary, all while maintaining a crisp and consistent light pattern.

Precise Light PatternPrecise Light Pattern

A crisp 3×6” light pattern is inherent to every Helios light. Consistency throughout the pattern eliminates the need to reposition light around hot spots common with halogen. Illumination occurs only where you need it to – in the oral cavity, not in your patients’ eyes.

Efficient and ReliableEfficient and Reliable

Long LED lifespan means no more time and cost associated with halogen bulb outages. The efficient Helios 1800 reduces energy consumption by about 70% from typical halogen dental lights, helping you go green and save on energy costs.

Ease of UseEase of Use

Optimally placed dual touchpads mean easy control of Helios 1800. Doctor or assistant can easily adjust intensity or power with just the touch of a button. Triple axis motion delivers ultimate flexibility for any procedure.